Friday, October 12, 2012

About my labels - a glossary

I think tagging is just about the most useful thing on the internet.  But sometimes explanation is a good thing:

Booze - where some kind of alcohol (other than vanilla extract), such as Campari or frangelico, is an important flavor component.

clean paleo - In short: grain, dairy, legume & refined sugar free. There are probably a million different ways of implementing a paleo diet, some people need to be stricter than others.  This label applies to the recipes that are on the stricter end.  Given that this is a blog about PUDDING for goodness sakes, we can take it as a given that there will be a fair number of recipes with mild cheats, so I wanted a label for people who really need (or want) to avoid dietary slips.

coconut - This means a recipe with coconut as a major flavor, not just coconut milk as an ingredient.  I use coconut milk in so many of my puddings because it is ridiculously convenient - both easy to find in stores and makes creamy puddings easy to make.  I don't actually care for coconut flavor that much - the coconut oil I use in many recipes is the expeller pressed variety from Tropical Traditions (*) because the "steam deodorizing" in the processing actually takes away the flavor.  I like a few things to taste like coconut, but dear lord not EVERYTHING.

dairy free - While this is included in the definiton of paleo, some people will be searching for dairy-free recipes who've never heard of paleo.  I'm being helpful!  Or possibly obsessive.  You decide!

parve - This is a hebrew term from the rules of kashrut that means neither meat nor dairy - it's a neutral dish that can be served with either a meat or dairy meal and still be considered kosher .  It's not quite the same as vegan.  It means no meat or dairy, but there could be egg or honey hiding within.

vegan - Sometimes my recipes will be accidentally vegan - no dairy, no egg, no meat, no honey. :)  I suppose this label could be useful to someone, somewhere.

WIP - Work in Progress.  To be fair, almost all of my posts should be considered a WIP because I am ridiculously fussy about how I like my food.  I don't post a recipe unless it's tasty, but unless it came out JUST RIGHT, I plan on doing at least a second draft of it.  The WIP label is your warning that I think it could be improved.  Or you could take it as a challenge and fix it yourself. :D

Speaking of WIP - this post is definitely one.  Anytime I add a potentially confusing new label, I'll add it here.


(*) I get no commission if you buy via this link, but in the interests of scrupulous honesty, at some point in the future, eventually, it's likely that I will link to amazon products I find particularly useful or other such things where I may take a commission.  I'll probably give a new disclaimer then.  I am the proud owner of nearly pathological honesty.  You may have noticed that I even record all the places my recipes have gone wrong. :)

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  1. "I suppose this label could be useful to someone, somewhere."

    HA! Almost blew tea out my nose!